I’ve always kinda wondered why the Knights of Columbus don’t have a ladies’ auxiliary. I’ve even seen plenty of women complaining about this online, because they would like to have something to do while their husbands are doing K of C stuff.

Well, apparently the answer is “they used to” and “they still sorta do.” There was some kind of big split or independent development back in the day. Both used to be affiliated with K of C, but now are totally separate and independent groups. Still, you’d expect the groups to have continued to have spread together, and this does not seem to be the case.

The Daughters of Isabella have been around since 1897. They’re open to all Catholic women, 16 and over. (In French areas, they’re the Filles d’Isabelle in some parts of Canada. They have 75,000 members in the US, Canada, and Japan. They are organized in “circles,” some of which serve college campuses. I don’t know how many “circles” they have in Ohio, but they seem to have at least one in Cincinnati, one in Fairborn (Mary Help of Christians Circle #911), and one in St. Henry’s.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas were founded in 1903 as another group of Daughters of Isabella, but changed their name in 1928. They are for Catholic women 18 and over. They are in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, the mainland US, and Canada. They have 75,000 members, and are organized in “courts.” They also have “campus courts” for university groups. They have 13 courts in Ohio, but they mostly seem to be up in the northeast.

Both groups do charity, offer scholarships, and have various membership benefits. Both groups are pro-life.

Anybody know anything more about these folks?