The Archdiocese of Cincinnati launched a new site this summer called Being Catholic that I’ve been meaning to plug.  It’s main feature is a group blog, but it also live-streams Mass from seven parishes, has information on the sacraments, accepts and shares prayer requests, and comes with an “app” for your mobile device.  The blogging content is fairly good.  (The posts read more like essays or op eds than blog entries, actually.)  Yes, there are a few malcontents among the stable of writers — this is still largely the house that Joseph built, after all — but the regular contributors are solid.  Take a look at a snippet from a post on the “50 Shades” phenomenon by Emily Reis:

Obviously something in the female heart has a hunger for male attention, and if this type of book is attractive to women, we must live in a pretty lonely culture.  Here’s what I think – if you want to be a lonely, lonely person who cannot connect with anyone real – then immerse yourself in pornography.  It will change the landscape of your mind, imagination, and feelings – and whether you like it or not – you will start to see other people as objects for your pleasure. 

Clearly this is already a problem in the world of men and boys, but now we are holding this out to women…and teenage girls.

What a sad, sick trend – and you can bet there will be a huge flux of spin-off novels to further popularize the erotic genre for teens.  No, not just erotic, but deeply, psychologically twisted erotic.

Go take a look and tell me what you think.