Visited My Father-in-law in the IC unit yesterday,  not good,  Thy will be done is all I can say.

Observation, This is a big Catholic Hospital, freaking huge, If you hid the sign and some of the historical plaques on the walls in one corner you wouldn’t know it was a “Catholic” hospital. No crucifixes , or even empty crosses to be seen, all just modern art, bright colors, and neo art deco everywhere. My wife  worked there for over 20 years, the “chapel” has been reduced to a fraction of it former self, the room taken up with offices. As a convert she liked being able to go to Mass right there on holy days. Now I don’t believe there is even a mass offered regularly.  If this is the state of “catholic” hospitals, almost an effort to decatholic the place, how really  “catholic” are our catholic institutions. please don’t get me wrong he is getting excellent care, but just seems odd to me.

After everyone else left, I stayed behind and offered a rosary for him, being he is Protestant I hope that was alright, I asked for my little saint Anton to meet him and give him a hug (sob)

Sometime I wonder how “human” we really are to keep a man going on machines for days on end in the vain hope that “we” can have him back, deep in my heart I keep thinking, Please Lord, take him, but then again, Thy will be done, he is not “ours” but yours.