What do you get when you combine a parish that refers to itself as a “community” and a nun who calls herself a “futurist and environmentalist”?

At best a colossal waste of time.

Via the Catholic Telegraph, the “Community of the Good Shepherd” announces that Sister of Charity Paula Gonzalez, the subject of a fair amount of discussion on my previous site, will lead a program “sponsored by the Green Team with assistance from the Department of Pastoral Care and Outreach and the Department of Faith Formation.”

(How’s that for parish, er … community bureaucracy?)

Here’s a taste from a past program, “Earth as Sacrament,” to prepare community members:

This four part series will explore the ‘sacramentality’ of the four elements which make up our precious planet: Water: Sacred and Profaned, Air: Life-sustaining — (but Warming), Earth (Soil, Rock — and Food), and Fire: Energy and Life!