August 2012

The Catholic Telegraph, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, runs a  glowing review of a book on Vatican II by the University of Toledo’s Richard R. Gaillardetz, a priestess advocate and notorious dissenter from settled Church teaching on papal infallibility and the authority of the Church’s teaching magisterium.  (He was also a Catholic shill for candidate Obama in 2008.)  The Telegraph‘s headline claims “Novices, experts alike can benefit from book on Second Vatican Council.”  Those people would be better off spending their time with Alan Schreck’s Vatican II: The Crisis and the Promise, a book more attuned to the Holy Father’s hermeneutic of continuity.

I am over joyed at the pick of Paul Ryan, but I am afraid we will have a battle ahead as Catholics. Are the “NUNS on the BUS going to start attacking him as “mean” or trying to push grandma over the cliff.  Are the left end of the USCCB going to attack his budget ideas again as they have done in the past, I don’t remember how many liberals I know have tossed in my face the comments of some “faithful” Bishops who condemned his fiscal ideas in the past, totally distorting Catholic views. The left wing media is drooling to unleash some social justice type religious on Ryan and scream to the hilltops that they have the proof Ryan is an “extreme” right wing extremist. (yeah I’ve heard the term twice so far)

Fasten your seat belt, is going to be a bumpy ride

That, I am told, is how long Archbishop Schnurr has given Cincinnati’s Xavier University to clean up its act or lose its status as a Catholic institution.

In keeping with the secretive nature of this episcopate, the interdiction isn’t public knowledge, but XU staff members talk openly about it.

One of the earliest steps toward compliance was the school’s announcement it would not follow Obama’s illegal HHS contraception and abortifacient mandate.

Bully for His Excellency and, ultimately, Xavier.

UPDATE.  A site called “XavierHoops” picks up the post; surprisingly, some of the commenters seem intelligent.

From what National Review‘s editors say about Romney’s choice of Ryan for veep:

While Ryan has a national reputation as a budget cutter, he is a full-spectrum conservative. One strength he brings to the ticket is a grounding in the social teaching of the Catholic Church, to which he belongs, and a willingness to engage with those who thoughtlessly equate this teaching with support for an ever-expanding welfare state. These traits could have more than parochial interest this year, because a disproportionate number of Catholic voters are up for grabs.

I read this comment on one site already this morning;

and he is “Catholic” just like Biden ,,,,,,Right?


gird yourselves this is going to be “interesting”

listen to Ryan take Obamacare and Obama apart, one piece at a time

I’ve always kinda wondered why the Knights of Columbus don’t have a ladies’ auxiliary. I’ve even seen plenty of women complaining about this online, because they would like to have something to do while their husbands are doing K of C stuff.

Well, apparently the answer is “they used to” and “they still sorta do.” There was some kind of big split or independent development back in the day. Both used to be affiliated with K of C, but now are totally separate and independent groups. Still, you’d expect the groups to have continued to have spread together, and this does not seem to be the case.

The Daughters of Isabella have been around since 1897. They’re open to all Catholic women, 16 and over. (In French areas, they’re the Filles d’Isabelle in some parts of Canada. They have 75,000 members in the US, Canada, and Japan. They are organized in “circles,” some of which serve college campuses. I don’t know how many “circles” they have in Ohio, but they seem to have at least one in Cincinnati, one in Fairborn (Mary Help of Christians Circle #911), and one in St. Henry’s.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas were founded in 1903 as another group of Daughters of Isabella, but changed their name in 1928. They are for Catholic women 18 and over. They are in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, the mainland US, and Canada. They have 75,000 members, and are organized in “courts.” They also have “campus courts” for university groups. They have 13 courts in Ohio, but they mostly seem to be up in the northeast.

Both groups do charity, offer scholarships, and have various membership benefits. Both groups are pro-life.

Anybody know anything more about these folks?

A new facebook page has been created for St. Rose of Lima parish, long an oasis of orthodoxy on Cincinnati’s Near East side.  It includes Mass times for next Wednesday’s Feast of the Assumption (an HDOO, BTW), news of the forthcoming parish picnic, promotion of a “smells and bells” Mass for the Aug. 23 Solemnity of St. Rose, and, most promisingly, an announcement of confessions every Friday at 11 am before the noontime Mass.  Check it out.

Glommed onto my mom’s copy of the WSU Catholic campus ministry newsletter.

1. Two young men from the Wright State Catholic flock are entering the seminary. Yay! Vocations! (And my mom also tells me that the Wright State campus ministry has the most marriages of any Catholic university chapel, ministry, or parish in the entire state of Ohio.)

2. The new chapel will be dedicated on October 28th, and Archbishop Schnurr will be coming up to do all the blessings to turn the place into a real church. (We swung by the construction the other day, and it is really coming along.)

3. They are accepting donations for the last few needed things for the chapel. There was a specific list in the newsletter, but just plain money is also nice!

My brief review of the Kindle edition of Wheelock’s 7th edition for Amazon:

The idea that would-be Latin students should pay $17 for a mere digital edition of this wonderful text is offensive.

And to be clear, Amazon would gladly sell it for less; it’s HarperCollins who sets the price.

Shame on them for gouging — there’s no other word for it — the buying public.

I’m giving the text five stars because the seventh edition is a gem. But if there were a *publisher’s* review page, I’d be tempted to start a spamming campaign.


Fr. Martin Fox reports that the Pope’s “key man” on liturgical matters, Archbishop J. Augustine DiNoia, OP, is coming to Cincinnati!:

One of them is a big “get”: Archbishop J. Augustine DiNoia, OP, Vice President for the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei*, will deliver the annual Le Blond Lecture on Sept. 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM in the Athenaeum’s Bartlett Pastoral Center. The theme will be “What is the New Evangelization?”

To add spice, Archbishop DiNoia is widely taken to be the point-man who–if it comes to pass–will help bring about peace between the Tradition-focused Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) and Rome. The SSPX, you may recall, has spent 40 years in a kind of limbo: not exactly in schism; yet not completely obedient to Rome, either. In recent months, efforts to bring about a resolution have heated up; but the outcome is still in question.

Yours truly will be there. You come too!

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