I’ve been invited by a friend associated with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to “like” its new facebook page. Unfortunately, that’s not something I can do. I set forth my reasons in a brief comment on the page:

Is there a “wish I could like” button? From His Excellency’s full-throated endorsement of the scandal-ridden CCHD and his collaboration with the Hamas-affiliated CAIR to his retention of the partisan staff of the Catholic Social Action office — it functions like the Cincinnati branch of Catholics for Obama — there are simply too many bad judgment calls by Archbishop Schnurr for much of the local faithful to truly “like” the Archdiocese. Would that it weren’t so.

You’re welcome to come to another conclusion, and won’t get grief from me if you do.

UPDATE. Pathetic — yet craven!

The archdiocese removed my comment.