You said you like my updates, we don’t have opera or anything fancy up here but if you want to find the community on Friday night I suggest you look for the FOOTBALL LIGHTS !!!!!!!!

Marion Local Football


Some of southern mercer counties finest.






typical crowd, hot or cold the stands are full and the fence is two to three deep, that’s where I usually am. Fr Gene is a regular and our previous Pastor Fr Ken attends semi regularly and up till this year he usually brought along Fr Harry in his wheelchair, They are both retired at St Charles Seminary though Fr Ken is busy filling in where needed



Yes this is farm country (view from home side of field)

The triple spires of southern mercer county

church steeples, grain legs and football lights





Marion Local is 99.9% Catholic, with 5 parishes  in the area all part of the school district.  many go to mass on Friday morning before school.   And a good portion are farm boys, go get em men





final score, good job Flyers