Like I keep saying words mean things, Obama has a tendency to show his real colors by his verbal “slips”This portends trouble for Religious Freedom among other things

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“God Given.” Those are the two words expunged from the 2012 DNC Platform.


Simply, their exclusion highlights the stark differences between conservatism and progressivism. As a Christian conservative (and follower of the Founding Fathers, mind you), I believe that our rights come from God. I mean, have you read The Declaration of Independence? The words “Nature’s God” and “Endowed by their Creator” should ring a bell. In hierarchical terms, we serve God and government serves us by protecting our God-given rights. Apparently the DNC has it backwards. It should therefore come as no surprise that President Obama himself has omitted the word “Creator” several times while quoting the Declaration.


When you remove God from his rightful place and reject the notion of God-given rights and blessings, a void is created. For progressives, government fits easily into that void. In the “absence” of God, government becomes god for progressives. Without a solid foundation on natural law and God-given rights, our foundation crumbles and is subject to the temporary passions of a few power-seeking politicians.


The government is not our salvation. Mitt Romney hit this nail on the head in his quick response to the DNC video. His statement? “We don’t belong to government. Government belongs to us.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.