Fr. Martin Fox, the new parochial vicar at St. Rose Church on Cincinnati’s Near East side (and director of archdiocesan Priestly Formation), shares his reversion story in last weekend’s homily. He reminds us that step one on the road back to the Church after time away is Confession. Here’s a snippet:

But back to the question: what makes us choose to follow the Lord?
Have we actually made a choice? Or are we just going along?

One of the reasons our Lord explained to the Apostles what lay ahead
was because they needed to choose.
Were they expecting power and glory?

After he makes it clear they, too, will face his same Cross,
all the Apostles–save one–stay with him. Why?
What did they experience that would make it worth it?

I’m going to tell you. But realize that it’s not enough to grasp it in the mind.
We must know it in the heart.

The answer is Life. New Life. True Life. Life with God. Life in Christ.
To have our sins forgiven and forgotten.
And to be united with God for eternity, his Life, our life.
What we will have in eternity begins here on earth.
The fullness of it is beyond us.
But the saints, in their radiance, in their calm, show us a sign, a foretaste, of glory divine.

“How do I get there?” Begin here.
“How do I gain that promise?” Give yourself to Christ.
“But I’m not ready!” That’s what our life as Catholics is about. Getting ready.