The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s “Politics Extra” section runs a story on Sister Monica McGloin, recently featured in a video produced by Catholics for Obama, who along with the rest of the partisan polyester brigade will be taking a bus tour through Ohio to promote “the values at the center of their faith”:

Call them “holy rollers.” Catholic Sisters in Ohio — led by Cincinnati-based Sister Monica McGloin– are embarking 1,000-mile bus tour through Ohio to promote the values at the center of their faith — “solidarity, justice and the common good.”

Starting October 15, they’ll hit every region of their state, visiting Catholic-sponsored social service agencies that might be hurt by federal budget cuts. They are calling on elected leaders of both parties to support “a faithful budget that affirms the life of all God’s children — not just the wealthiest few.”

“As Catholic Sisters, we work together with vulnerable people to enrich their lives and their communities. We want to remind our fellow Ohioans that voting is a chance for all of us to serve our communities and change lives,” said Sister Monica McGloin, of Cincinnati. She is organizing the tour with local sisters, including Sister Mary Wendeln and Sister Fran Repka, and sisters across the state.