My LTE on Dan Horn’s “Catholic Vote” piece for the Cincinnati Enquirer is posted online:

Since Dan Horn’s informative report on “the Catholic Vote” has earned a deserved amount of praise in The Enquirer’s letters section, allow me to offer a brief criticism – one not so much directed at him as one of his sources. In the concluding section, Tony Stieritz, director of the Catholic Social Action office for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, asserts that the Church “cares only that the faithful are getting involved” in the political process. That is at best an imprecise summary of the Church’s position.

Archbishop Schnurr, Mr. Stieritz’s boss, just wrote a pastoral letter to his flock explaining that some issues “require our attention right now” and have a “special claim on our consciences.” What are these issues? His Excellency urges us to oppose “intrinsically evil actions” and specifically cites the obligation to end abortion, defend religious liberty, and protect traditional marriage. In other words, it isn’t enough merely to “get involved;” our involvement should reflect a set of priorities.