When the Sunday readings include one of the “hard sayings” of Jesus, it seems some priests are tempted to duck it, dampen it, or “balance” it with an off-setting pep talk. So it’s invigorating when you get your exegesis straight no chaser. As Peter Kreeft says, the Scripture, all of it, is our data from God, and we’re not at liberty to ignore or change it. Here’s the invigoratingly “straight” end of Fr. Martin Fox’s homily from this morning’s 10:30 Mass at Saint Rose Church on Cincinnati’s East side (read the whole thing):

Let me say something about the current debate
over what the law says about marriage.
Marriage isn’t merely a religious institution, but a basic unit of society.
When government redefines marriage, it redefines family.
In fact, it seeks to redefine what is right and wrong.

The truth is, we as Catholics should have spoken up, decades ago,
As divorce laws made a hash of marriage. But we didn’t.
Now we must speak up, not to be “anti” anyone,
but to insist that a family is a mother and a father,
and that’s what marriage is.

We may feel alone speaking these truths.
But we as Catholics have seen a lot of societies come and go.
The dustbin of history is filled with every “latest thing” that proved,
through bitter experience, to be a false promise.
Christ promised to be with us until the end of time.
We believe him.