Given the Obama campaign’s theory that female voters are motivated by abortion-related issues more than the economy, it seems Gloria Allred, that paragon of virtue, is preparing to trot this out in the hopes of hurting Romney. Well to me, as a Catholic, this sounds rather good, Romney seems to be more pro life than I thought, at lest compared to 0 who thinks that if the child survives, kill them anyway, it’s what the mother wanted after all


October surprise ?

 “As a young stake president (equivalent to a bishop in the Catholic church) Romney counseled against abortion for women under his care. He often clashed with Judy Dushku, a Mormon feminist figure and the mother of actress Eliza Dushku. Dushku has repeatedly argued that Romney was more conservative on abortion in private than he was publicly. Local Mormon leaders redrew the map of the local wards to guarantee that Romney and Dushku would never meet in what was known as the “Duskhu gerrymander, an unrequested courtesy extended to their former stake president Mitt Romney and his wife, who would never again have to be face to face with Judy Dushku while they worshipped,” Scott wrote.

In 2007, Judy Dushku recalled a published anonymous article in her feminist Mormon magazine, Exponents II, by a Mormon woman who wanted to have an abortion in 1990 when Mitt Romney was a stake president. (The article did not mention Mitt Romney by name, but Dushku later identified him.) The woman, Carrel Hilton Sheldon, has since come forward. Sheldon claims that Romney worked very hard to prevent her from having an abortion, even though her doctor (also a Mormon and past stake president) said her pregnancy might take her life. The woman ultimately had the abortion. […]

In fact, during Romney’s entire time as a Mormon leader, no one was excommunicated.”

Oh the horror, counseled against having an abortion, the monster, how could he. Hopefully he lives his faith when picking supremes