This story is twofold regarding: 1) the further spread of the traditional mass across the archdiocese and 2) a great article in the Catholic Telegraph. I just got home to find the latest copy of the Catholic Telegraph, the archdiocesan newspaper and, over the years, a source of great scandal and frustration for many faithful Catholics. A new editorship was put in place a litle less than a year ago and changes has since been made to its editorial policies, and some improvements have been noticed.

Well, today was a joyful day opening the CT. I’m sure there was some garbage in the paper, but I read a great article regarding local Catholic news (not available on the CT website, yet. UPDATE 5 NOV 2012: The Catholic Telegraph article is now online.) entitled, “Latin Mass to be celebrated at northern parishes.”  It explained how Father Marc Soellner, associated pastor of the Coldwater parish cluster, has learned the TLM and is now saying it at St. Mary’s Church in Philothea at 9am every Wednesday morning. The CT article surprisingly described the extraordinary form of the mass in a fantastic manner. Well, I don’t want to type the entire article verbatim but I will give you some of the best quotes and if it is ever available online, I will link to it.

Best Quotes:

“Pope Benedict XVI allowed for greater use of the Traditional Latin Mass in 2007.” ( I can think of many different liberal ways to describe Summorum Pontificum, but this is not one of them.)

“Pope Benedicts goal, Said Father Marc Soellner, associatte pastor of the Coldwater Cluster, is to promote the entire liturgical tradition of the Church. ‘Some may view this as a reversal of the Second Vatican Councils reform of the liturgy, but our Holy Father reminded us that the Traditional Latin Mass was never abolished, and that it could always be celebrated by any priest and he made a point of saying that it is praiseworthy for priests to celebrate this Mass today…”

“Pope Benedict stressed that both forms of the Mass, Ordinary Form, which is the Mass we have every day in our parishes, and the Traditional Latin Mass- also known as the Extradordinary Form, can uniquely and faithfully fit together in our Church to help the faithful become closer to our Risen Lord.”

“The priest and the people face the same direction.” (HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! Can anyone imagine the CT in the past not describing the traditional mass as “the priest turns his back to the people”? What a welcome change!)

For those of you scoring at home…

-Archdiocese locations of Traditional Latin Masses-

Cincinnati- Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Cincinnati- Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Trenton- Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church

Dayton- Holy Family Catholic Church

Philothea (Mercer County)- St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Russia (Shelby County) – St. Remy Catholic Church

It isn’t much, but hey, wasn’t it just a few years ago that the above list consisted of just two churches?

Many prayers to Father Soellner and to the Coldwater Cluster pastor Father Robert Walling for this fantastic development.