According to an interesting article in Investors Business Daily on the Catholic bishops’ “unprecedented” — and yet quiet — effort this election year to educate their flocks, a number of parishes and dioceses are distributing a piece of literature on Pope Benedict’s three “non-negotiable” moral principles taken from his 2006 address to the European People’s Party: (1) the protection and dignity of every human life from conception until natural death; (2) the primacy of the family as the first cell of society, and the protection and honor given to the faithful marriage between a man and a woman and the family built upon it; and (3) authentic human freedom, including the first freedom, religious freedom. Featuring a photo of our smiling pontiff, the brochure then shows how the Democrat and Republican party platforms stack up against these principles. EWTN helpfully reproduces it here.

Would that parishes and pastors locally had put this literature to good use. Perhaps there’s still time.