Listen to last Sunday’s homily from “Fr. James”* at Cincinnati’s St. Margaret of York parish on the four options the Obama regime’s HHS mandate leaves the Church in America. It’s brilliant, bold, direct, and well-delivered. He unflinchingly describes the devastation coming to, for example, Catholic schools — in the case of his parish school, a $2.2M “fee” for noncompliance. And let’s be clear, there is no way for the Church to comply with a mandate that requires its institutions to pay for or provide abortion-causing drugs, sterilization procedures, and contraceptives. In other words, get ready to see priests and bishops in handcuffs and excommunications handed down to the apostate Catholics allied with Obama. God bless SMOY’s parishioners, who applaud Fr. James at the end of his courageous homily. Let this clip go viral.

* A Google search of the parish name and “Fr. James” reveals Fr. James Brooks, the assistant priest. If anyone from SMOY can confirm his identify, please do so.