I found this on Holy Souls Hermitage  the blog of a modern day hermit, Father George David Byers. Why I always find these things late is beyond me.

the story is written by Father Gordon MacRae of  These Stone Walls , someone else we need to know about, his confinement a travesty, his coping with it an example of Catholic stoicism and faith

The REAL First Thanksgiving in America: Think Catholic

long version with explanation and background

“Squanto was a man who in the end gave thanks despite the wreckage wrought by the betrayals of others because he learned not to confuse his journey with his destination. He was a man who owed nothing to the Mayflower Pilgrims, but owed his life and freedom to the very Catholic Church the Pilgrims came here to be rid of. It is the most ironic of tales, and some have found it a worthy addition to their Thanksgiving traditions.”