“Today is the Feast of Christ the King — what is its significance?”

“It’s the end of the Church’s calendar.”

“Right. The new one begins next Sunday with Advent. What does it mean substantively?”

“That Jesus is … Lord of all.”

“That’s right. Do you know why it was instituted?”

“Um, no.”

“In 1925, dangerous ‘isms’ were on the rise in Europe — fascism and communism, specifically. The promoters of these movements said the state, and not God, was owed the highest allegiance. Pope Pius XI promulgated a feast day to remind us that Jesus is our true king. Does that make sense?”


“Do you think we still need that reminder?”

“Of course.”

“‘Of course’ is right. In the last election, one party adopted the slogan ‘government is the only thing we all belong to,’ which sounds a lot like what was said by believers in those ‘isms.’ It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.”

For Fr. Martin Fox’s “right and just” take on this wonderful feast, which we heard this morning about twenty minutes after the exchange above, go here.