time for an update from the hinterlands of the AOC

To quote Elmer Fudd, I have been” verwy bizy” lately, got crops off, manure hauled and all the fall tillage done. Now down to odd jobs, repair work and Advent preparations, hope to post some crib scenes locally for you all again this year, more later on that.

And congratulations to my guys, the Marion Local Flyers, they won the state football championship again this year. My son the Wonder Child (he really causes me to wonder) played 8th grade this year and is on top of the world.

(13-2) Maria Stein Marion Local 28, (12-3) Newark Catholic 21

fine looking bunch don’t ya think? and they won playing 3 freshmen due to injures earlier, amazing


Marion might as well be a Catholic school, 99% catholic and church going, 5 parishes and parts of 3 more involved, the football team attended Mass every Friday morning throughout the school year and summer, we can thank our former pastor Fr Ken Schroeder for getting that started. I truly appreciated the team attending Mass this Sunday and the captains walking up in the procession and placing the trophy in front of the altar,  Fr Gene congratulated them and I even tolerated the (grrr) applause, to Fathers credit he put in a pitch to them about vocations and how it also requires leadership and the ability to work for the “team”


Now for the complaint dept, this may sound petty,

We have the Advent Wreath to bless, and don’t ya know the Choir had to get in the way, why oh why do we have to drag out the piano, and crowd the choir around the wreath, with the director standing at the ambo coaching us ,demanding that the congregation be involved in singing a response, ” come oh come,  Emanuel”, to a hip rendition of different parts of unrelated songs,  Father was like a bystander, they crowded so close that our Deacon had to push through to light the candle, and one of my little gripes, with a bic grill lighter, (they ought to be banned). I was disgusted, what showboating,  would dearly love to push that blankety blank  piano off the sanctuary steps permanently, we have a beautifully restored pipe organ one of the best in the area maybe even in the AOC and even a piano in the loft but NOOO, we have to have a piano in the sanctuary too !!!!  To the loft with you where you belong, get out of the sanctuary, reason #1944 to bring back the railing,  totally detracted from Father and the blessing and lighting of the Wreath, and of course we had to applaud the choir at the end of Mass too boot.

I hope someone local reads this, it aggravated more people than the staff may realize