After gathering at  the family schloss, we opened our gifts Christmas eve, we  proceeded to 10:30 Mass and welcomed the birth of our Savior. Starting with a wonderful choir performance, alas in the sanctuary with piano, but beautiful none the less, Mass reverently said, and greetings exchanged after mass. then to bed and milking at 5:30 am. Now on to Mother in laws home for brunch and gifting.

She is having a very hard time with the death of her husband, hopefully we can lift her spirits some today. You know after death is a poor time to have regrets about how you treated your spouse, and the idea of keeping his ashes in her bedroom bothers me, seems to me it delays closure and recovery. The doctors call it broken heart syndrome, she is not taking care of herself and is worrying her children. Family life ain’t it grand????

Then back home to milk at 5:00, dairy farming, helps keep you grounded

Merry Christmas


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