The just-released January issue of the Clergy Communications newsletter published by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati reveals that the Social Action office still maintains its ties to Jack Jezreel and his controversial JustFaith organization. Readers of my previous site may recall a series of posts on the dangers of their ministries. Their latest effort is a twelve-week course on “peacemaking.” A little over a year ago, the folks at the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation released a brief report on the problems with Jezreel and JustFaith that you may find useful. Here’s a snippet:

JustFaith reduces Catholicism to an unofficial set of economic and political solutions to the gamut of social problems that afflict this country. It overemphasizes aspects of Catholic social teaching or takes them out of context to the point that they become easy fodder for their secular political and economic agenda.

The JustFaith syllabus contains grave doctrinal errors, regarding the ordination of women and other questions on the divinity of Christ. Its facilitators have been known to reject personal salvation and sin in favor of collective salvation and social sins, such as poverty and racism. These attitudes are detrimental to the faith and salvation of individual Catholics. No matter how great their commitment to social justice, dissenting opinions such as these can only confuse Catholics as to what their Church actually teaches.