Oakley’s St. Cecilia church, which has become a center of orthodoxy on Cincinnati’s East side under the leadership of its energetic pastor Fr. Jamie Weber, has produced a “Year of Faith Bucket List,” with 33 practical activities for parishioners. Although it includes some familiar suggestions, quite a few are very original. One that appears near the end got my attention: “Attend the funeral of a stranger (Corporal Work of Mercy).” Others are focused on Cincinnati: “Take time to pray outside the Mt. Auburn Planned Parenthood facility during the 40 Days for Life campaign for the end to abortion (40daysforlife.com/cincinnati).” They’re also sponsoring a 12-week study of Part One of the Catechism: “The Creed,” which appears to be part of an independently produced series. Although the Church’s liturgical New Year began last fall, parishes and dioceses would be wise to take advantage of the resolutions many Catholics make this month to give a “second Spring” to the Year of Faith. Kudos, Fr. Weber!