This is my office, woodwork has become a hobby of mine, just finished this bookcase above my desk. My “office” is actually an old bathroom that we decommissioned when we remodeled the farm house. So yes I occupy the “Throne Room” “hail to the king”.  It is 5 and a half feet wide and eight feet long, behind me is a lateral file that I built and more bookcases, on the top left is a set of popular mechanics how to books from 1955, really interesting and sometimes still helpful,  right side, a collection of farm machinery manufacturer history books. Yeah I like to read, I like books, never enough time, but to get rid of them bothers me

But the reason I post this is to show you a statue, partially hidden in top pic, done by my relative in Germany, my dad’s 4th cousin, he retired from farming and does wood carving for relaxation. The picture does not do it justice. Click on it, the full size is better, it’s about 6.5 inches tall.  It is one piece of wood, don’t know the species. I built the shelf mainly to highlight it.  Some times I sit down and stare at it and pray, at times I feel I have failed the example of the holy family, but I try.

My daughter is currently going through a bad time in her marriage, her husband is having severe mental health issues and landed in jail, maybe prison, I hope he can get help, however my daughter is no angel either and has not helped the situation. So I sit down before this beautiful statue and sigh, praying for comfort for my grandchild and her parents. I love my daughter and her husband, but sometimes I’d like to take the both of them out back and paddle their …….


Holy Mary

conceived without sin

Pray for us who have recourse to thee