Guns don’t kill people — our sons do

“No manly model”

“For boys, the road to successful manhood has crumbled. In many boys’ journey from a fatherless family to an almost all-female staff elementary school such as Sandy Hook, there is no constructive male role model.”


this is where I add my two cents worth,

1.what have we done in the Catholic Church, the role of priest has been diluted, altar “boys” are no longer special,  in many parishes the “alter gals” have taken over, If  “Father” takes too much interest in a boy, he is frightened to “take him under his wing” the actions of a few gay predators has neutered the priest as a role model for boys, they are frightened to be seen as close for fear of accusation

2.from a different article, about education, “We’ve ripped out all the shop classes and replace them with calculus.” Shop class has long been the domain of boys and men, I’m sorry but boys need to learn “manly” skills, it is good for their self esteem, their self “worth”. Boys deal in the concrete, the solid, esoterics are not in their genes. We  seem to have forgotten that boys  are loud, burp, fart, roll in the mud,  and tend to stink, they’re BOYS. I keep reminding my exasperated wife of that almost daily.  Read several years ago that studies show that the male psyche cannot handle feeling useless, it destroys them, they need something to be good at with their hands, now most don’t even know how to properly use a drill or hammer. Now it’s video games and facebook, sheesh

end rant

“There are few things a culture does as important as raising children. We can’t continue to fail half of them.”