I have been to 3 funerals lately, two this week, what a mixed bag. Especially when you consider that all of the deceased were married at a weekday Latin Mass in the early to late 50’s

First was my uncle, dad’s oldest brother, fist of dad’s family to go. Mass was 3 weeks ago at St Bernard, Burkettsville, a beautiful on the outside, somewhat recovated on the inside church.  Entered to tacky “uplifting” music, sat down and tried to pray the rosary, choir prevented that. Then watched as two severettes attempted to light the candles with those abominable grill lighters, click click click. Then an elderly man came out and with not so much as a bow opened the tabernacle and proceeded to run his finger through the consecrated hosts and count them, closed it up and dusted his fingers off, eeeeck.  The high point of the Mass was Fr Mugabee a black priest from Haiti I think. His accent was quite thick but he delivered a good sermon/eulogy. Very “spirit of v2 mass but nothing out of the ordinary, the usual distributors everywhere, (got to include family don’t ya know) Oh well, what do you expect in the DoC

Another was today, a Neighbor, 68, had bone cancer but mercifully died of a heart aneurism, God must have loved her,  to spare her the pain, my Aunt died of it and the pain is horrible, it lead one of my older friends and sort of mentor in farming to kill himself, the pain drove him insane. She was the mother of 5 boys and two girls, 26 grandchildren. Her sons were the definition of “good old boys” and the two girls were just as ornery, but all in a good way, And Mom was just as bad (read good). After the last rites and prayers she squeezed her teary eyed husbands hand and said,” Urby it’s been a good ride, I love you” and she passed. They are the definition of good neighbors; even though they are competitive farmers, they would give you the shirt off their back to help. The Mass, more of the same as before, why when there  are three priests concelebrating do you need distributors?? Oh well I several tears

BUT now about yesterday

My Great Aunt Rose died, in her late 80’s, her husband, Romaine, passed 8 years ago.

What a Mass, Fr Amberger is a wonderful Priest

First thing of note, at her viewing there sat a young man in full cassock holding a biretta, it was one of her grandsons, he is a brother in the Institute of Christ the King, stationed in Chicago. Nice sight. Now on to Mass

Servers in cassock and surplice, proper candle lighters, you know with a wick and snuffer on a long handle. They came out in a pair and genuflected in front of the tabernacle, WOW.

Father came out wearing a biretta, and dark purple ornate vestments, not white, wow again, chalice veiled and corporal bursed, the Latin Mass has definitely influenced him, Triple bells at elevation and lifted all the way up, bells at consecration, said low and bent over the host, fore finger and thumb held together at all times, bowing to the servers and ablation after communion, (I know that term is not right so correct me)

Brother Alex acted as master of ceremonies and did the readings as is his duties at the institute,

To top it all off, the rector and vicar general of the institute drove out for the Mass, He sat in choir, off to the side, full cassock white lace surplice and black cope or cape, no attempt to concelebrate, which made the one elderly priest in alb trying to concelebrate with Fr really look foolish I must say

Communion with patens whether on the tongue or in the hand, just Father and no wine to boot and No sign of Peace, wow I almost cried, I have never experienced a NO mass like this, totally incredible. I caught myself tearing up, I have never done that because of a Mass.  All of Fr Ambergers Masses are like this from what I can learn. Come to St Remy in beautiful downtown Russia, Ohio (pronounced ruush- ie)

Fr Amberger is responsible for two of Roses’s children giving up the SSPX and coming home, says something about him don’t it, and all he did was celebrate a Holy Mass, that is all it took, hello Priests of the DoC any one home???

The Egyptian

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