I first came upon this from Fr Z 

“Band of Sisters” documentary about liberal women religious premiers at Sinsinawa Mound

if you look closely not a habit in sight, pantsuits galore, the article is enough to make you laugh, or cry, at their heresy. Stick a fork in them, these “gals” are done.  And now their “reason” for declining numbers is they are an exclusive group and historically vocations were never that big anyway,


and I stumbled across this from Rotate

Spain: Religious Orders prepare for the end

go to the site, I kind of botched the order of the pics, ( I’m leaving for a funeral shortly, more about that later) I know, it’s Rotate, but their point is valid and the same for the Sisters, no habit, no orthodoxy,  no vocations, do you see any cassocks or even a suit with a “roman collar”, nope, nada, just declining numbers and no “spark” if you will

totally sad,


Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (OFM Cap) : In 2011 the four provinces of Andalusia, Castile, Navarra-Cantabria-Aragon and Valencia were unified into a single province.
Discalced Carmelites : In 2014 the seven provinces of Navarre, Burgos, Castile, Andalusia, Aragon, Valencia, Catalonia and Portugal will be unified into one.
In 2010, there were 433 Discalced Carmelites in Spain; 230 were above 60 years of age (92 were more than 80 years old), and 203 were below 60 years of age (only 25 were below 40 years old).
Order of Friars Preachers (Dominicans): In 2016, the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Friars Preachers, the Dominicans will unify the Provinces of Spain, Aragon, Andalusia, Portugal and the Vicariate of the Holy Rosary into one.
Meeting in 2012 of  Spanish Dominican superiors. Photo source
Order of Friars Minor (OFM) : In 2015 the Provinces of 1) Castile, 2) Andalusia, 3) Granada, 4) Valencia-Aragon, 5) Catalonia, 6) Cartagena-Murcia and 7) the Custody of San Francisco Solano will be consolidated into a single entity. The Provinces of Aránzazu and Santiago will remain as they are.
Meeting of Spanish Franciscan Provincial Definitors in Sept. 2012. Photo source