I hope the print version of this Dayton Daily News story is better than the electronic version, because this thing just isn’t terribly coherent.

Basically, the parish currently in Springboro has a tiny building, and they’re building a bigger one because there’s so many people moving out there past the Dayton Mall and along 75 down towards Cincinnati. While they’re at it, the archdiocese has apparently decided to drag in another parish which I don’t know much about, which may or may not be growing or shrinking. But instead of talking about that expansion and talking to the members of both parishes, they’ve shoehorned it into a story about consolidating parishes that are losing members, and about priests retiring. Wha?

Needless to say, nobody mentions the huge seminarian classes coming in, because it’s not really a story about the actual state of anything.

Also, the headline says “Ohio Catholics,” but they don’t contact Columbus or Toledo or Steubenville — presumably because the news isn’t bad there, and they’re planting new parishes with all their new young priests. God forbid one should find out something that might mess up the story.

I don’t know if this is some kind of “the AP did a story so we have to do a story” thing. I don’t know whether the editor or the reporter is to blame here. But certainly the editor is the one who’s supposed to make sure a story makes sense to the reader. And is factual and balanced. And is not a waste of paper. A very poor job by the DDN.