Over at Cleansing Fire, a terrific group blog focused on the goings-on of my home diocese of Rochester, Ben Anderson informs us of a new project which archives all of the issues of the local Catholic Courier back to 1889. A quick search of my surname this weekend uncovered some fascinating tidbits. The first is my mother and father’s wedding notice from 1966. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were near-constant figures in my childhood. Next up is news of my first major fight in the Aquinas Institute Mission Bouts of 1983, a life-changing moment. Lastly, there is mention of my nomination to the Naval Academy in 1986. As things turned out, I “qualified,” which meant I had a 70% chance of admission. They then asked me to attend a prep school to get a stronger math background, and that was the end of that. Coincidentally, my oldest son, Benedict, won his first fight over the weekend at the Cincinnati High School Boxing tournament (he and his fellow fighters take on AQ on Feb. 9). Watch it below; he’s in red.