Dan Horn of the Cincinnati Enquirer pens a story on the local reaction to Pope Benedict’s announced abdication. Your host was quoted (right after Covington’s Bishop Foys!) Here’s a snippet:

Conservative Catholics said Pope Benedict will be remembered in the United States for his embrace of the Latin Mass and other church traditions that had become less popular in the decades following the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

They said Pope Benedict had a tough act to follow after the widely popular Pope John Paul II, but he made his mark through his writings and a more studious, intellectual approach to the job.

“It’s an incredible legacy,” said Rich Leonardi, a conservative Catholic blogger in Cincinnati. “People assumed he’d be a caretaker pope, but he’s put his own stamp on the papacy.”

And for the dumbest piece of … typing I’ve come across today, we turn to Fox News:

He never had a chance.

From the moment he appeared on the balcony of St. Peter’s on April 19, 2005, to greet the faithful, Benedict XVI faced an insurmountable problem: He was not John Paul II.

Benedict’s decision to resign the papacy is being blamed on his age – nearly 86 – and his health – never robust. He might just as well have been diagnosed with a broken papal heart.