In the post concerning Mike Moroski, the teacher at Purcell Marion High School who moonlights as a homosexual marriage advocate and city council candidate, two parents take note of his self-absorption. The first comment is from Mark, who has a student a PM:

For me, this is the most telling line.

“I believe in Catholicism,” Moroski said in an interview. “But my conscience will not permit me to recant my statement.”

“…my conscience…”

It’s all pointed in the wrong direction – definitely NOT to God. As my daughter attends the school, I’m certain it will make for interesting conversation around our dinner table.

The second is from Gail, who nearly sent her son there:

If I were a parent there I would not be pleased, especially as he has said that he had to stick to his guns for the sake of all the kids there who look up to him. I guess they don’t look up to him for honoring his contract, his employer, and his religion, but for some other reason. And he was the guy in charge of making sure the kids obeyed the rules! How would he respond to “I respect you, Mr. M, but your rules are stupid and I don’t see why they should have to apply to me”?