The Catholic World News reports that Purcell Marian high school’s Mike Moroski, the unabashed SSM advocate, has been dismissed:

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has dismissed a Catholic school’s assistant principal after he refused to remove a blog post expressing support for same-sex marriage.
“I unabashedly believe that gay people SHOULD be allowed to marry. Ethically, morally and legally I believe this,” wrote Mike Moroski, an administrator at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati. “Gay marriage is NOT something of which to be afraid.”

“I have experienced God more in the past week than my entire life,” the 34-year-old said after his firing. “I feel like I’m on the right track.”

“As a proud Catholic, I’m heartbroken that my belief that all committed, loving couples should be able to make a public pledge to take responsibility for each other for a lifetime has led to this ultimatum,” he added on his blog.

“The expressions of solidarity I have already received from Catholic priests, sisters and justice leaders in the community strengthen my faith during this difficult time,” said Moroski, who cited his “formation in Catholic grade school, high school and three Catholic universities” [including local Xavier U.] and “relationship with numerous clergy.”

In the comment box, John Drake links to a provocative piece from Catholic Culture’s Dr. Jeff Mirus on “Mike Moroski’s State of the Church Address.” Here’s the closing snippet:

So why do I construe Moroski’s comments as a kind of State of the Church address? The first reason is that Moroski, even if he is engaged in special pleading, can believably cite his own formation in Catholic schools, his own relationships with the clergy, and his ongoing support by priests and sisters. This reminds us of the persistent infection of secularism and Modernism which has afflicted the Church for many years. The second reason is Moroski’s failure to develop, in his own life, any sort of intellectual engagement with the Faith. This is a common indicator that a person has never noticed that the message of Christ is a constant challenge to worldly values; it is a form of spiritual sloth that is also very widespread in the Church today.

And the third reason is that, despite all of this secularized squishiness, Mike Moroski was fired by what we may at least loosely call a typical Catholic archdiocese in a typical Western nation. In other words, something about the State of Church is changing. Nothing is more calculated to improve the formative influence of Catholic education than the dismissal of teachers and administrators who prove themselves intellectually incompetent as Catholics. So it is actually his firing that makes Moroski’s situation timely. It is what Moroski refers to as “this ultimatum” that brings his State of the Church address, in 2013, completely up to date.