this posting cut from hot air says so much about what the “media” just doesn’t get about the Pope and the Church,

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From Hot Air Blog, read the whole thing

The “media conclave,” the Nun Pope, and other thoughts

‘This begins with a misconception of the papacy itself, and one that is both mystifying and dreadfully indicative of a lack of media interest in what the Catholic Church is really all about.  Most commentators begin with the premise that Catholicism is whatever a Pope says it is, acting as a benevolent despot and rewriting Catholic doctrine at will.  Anyone familiar with the Catholic Church knows just how absurd a premise this is

In fact, this last part is so basic a misconception as to stand Benedict XVI’s decision on its head.  Catholics (and other Christians, of course, as well as other faiths) see humanity inhabiting two realities — the material and the spiritual. We believe that both are real and “concrete,” and that “reality” has to account for both.  When the Pope announces that he will resign to concentrate on prayer, he’s not actually “retiring” at all.  He’s merely shifting his focus from the material to the spiritual, and that is most definitely a “concrete initiative,” at least to Catholics and most other Christians.  The material world may disagree, but that’s because it’s focused on the Church’s mission in only the material world.”


personal note, ain’t just the media

friend of mine up north, his  son plays basketball in a rural neighborhood league, mostly Mennonites, They kept telling him what a pity it is that his religion is  going to change, they are absolutely convinced that a new pope means that our entire religion will be changed at his whim, after all “you Catholics don’t believe or follow the bible just your “traditions” that are changed by the pope at his direction”, such a pity

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