From an announcement on the website for Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel:

“Sweep out the chambers of your heart! Make it ready to be the dwelling of the Beloved”. Please join us for an evening of Dances of Universal Peace on Fridays, Feb 22, Mar 1, Mar 15 at 7:00 in the narthex. We will do some simple walking meditations, and some very simple circle dances from our Christian tradition. This is a wonderful way to add a Lenten practice which is comforting and joyful to your life. If you can walk, you can do these dances! For more information, contact …

In reality, both the lead quote and “Dances of Universal Peace” come from adherents of Sufism, a mystical form of Islam. What this has to do with Lent is unclear. Ditto for why it’s being performed in the narthex for an at least nominally Catholic church.