We should start a betting pool on which Sister of Charity is the culprit:

(I suppose there’s no sport in offering a bonus for id’ing the vote-getting candidate.)

A Greater Cincinnati nun is accused of illegally casting a ballot for another nun who died before last November’s election, a new case of alleged vote fraud that emerged as local officials move to wrap up their investigation into election improprieties last fall.

Sister Rose Marie Hewitt, 78, died Oct. 4 after a 59-year career as a Sister of Charity that included service in schools here and across the country, as well as in various other positions in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Although her death occurred before absentee ballots had been mailed to voters throughout Hamilton County, a completed ballot was returned to the elections board in Hewitt’s name.

Officials believe the ballot was sent by another local Sister of Charity who was a friend of Hewitt and is registered at the same Delhi Township address. That person cast her own vote at her polling place on Election Day.

In a Feb. 19 letter to elections board members, county Prosecutor Joe Deters said a preliminary investigation has turned up “sufficient information … to determine that there is probable cause to believe that criminal activity has occurred.”