In the online Letters section of the Cincinnati Enquirer, a writer-student laments the departure of Xavier University theology professor Leon Chartrand, “visiting professor of Ethics, Ecology & Theology”:

I have only good things to say about Xavier University but when it comes to raise our voices about how Xavier Administration is handling their administrative decisions is that we need to speak up. Dr. Leon Chartrand is a beloved visiting Theology professor at Xavier University who has taught many Introductory Theology, as well as several 300 level theology courses. He also implemented a summer trip to Yellowstone, WY which provides three credits of philosophy and three credits of theology. The program has quadrupled since it was implemented and now Xavier is letting him go.

Xavier University is a great institution and they have an outstanding Theology Department, so things like this are unfair for him, for us students, and ultimately the institution.

Xavier University can’t be the best if they are letting the best they have – the professors – go.

Chartrand gave a talk at the nearby Redeemer Episcopal community in 2011 entitled “Re-thinking Theology in an Age of Environmental Uncertainty.” Redeemer’s bulletin announcement features a collection of his non-sequiturs, and this description of his focus, which Chartrand presumably gave them, is priceless:

He is primarily interested in understanding the phenomenological relations between lived experience and story and between mystery and meaning and how both relations inform a primordial land ethic.