For a bookworm whose job often keeps him in front of a laptop, having an Amazon Prime account is like handing whiskey and car keys to a teenage boy. My latest impulsive infraction is John Zmirak’s The Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Catechism. I’m a huge fan of his other funny, irreverent, orthodox, and learned Bad Catholic guides, so I’m looking forward to devouring this one. Here’s a sample from Fr. C. John McCloskey’s review:

Question: So why insist on the Virgin Birth?

Answer: Well, most obviously because (and I don’t mean to sound like a hard-shell Baptist here) it’s in the frickn’ Bible. Clear as day. There is a long narrative explaining in painful detail how an angel appeared to Mary and told her something impossible would happen and how her fiancé Joseph reacted — by nodding at her and smiling as he slowly backed out of the room. Can’t you hear him saying to himself, “Boy, did I dodge that bullet,” as he logged on to …