Aren’t we supposed to be increasing access to confession during Lent?

St. Louis church in downtown Cincinnati had long been one of those “penitential parishes” you often find in urban areas. Confession was offered every weekday morning after the 7:15 Mass and for 2.5 hours on Saturday afternoons during Exposition. Under its previous pastor, now-Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Binzer, an indefatigable and humble shepherd, that tradition was maintained in a workmanlike manner.

We visited St. Louis today for the vigil Mass, and on the way out I grabbed a bulletin. Gone are weekday confessions, and Saturday has been pared back to a measly one hour — just like your typical suburban parish. Couple that with pop-psychological homilies and theatrical gestures at the altar, and it seems new pastor and AOC chancellor Fr. Steve Angi is taking St. Louis back to the Church’s golden age: the 1980s. What a shame.

And for what it’s worth, this is why it’s hard for many Cincinnati Catholics to get excited by Archbishop Schnurr’s episcopate.