Tonight is the second session of Fr. Martin Fox’s discussion of “What Catholics Believe” from the Luke E. Hart Series provided by the Knights of Columbus. We’ll cover chapters 3 and 4 of the material, which comes from Peter Kreeft’s masterful catechism, Catholic Christianity. We’ll meet from 7:00-8:15 pm at the St. Rose undercroft. Please join us! Here’s a brilliant snippet from chapter 3, on Creation:

Insofar as evolution explains bodies, it does not contradict the doctrine of creation. Insofar as it claims to explain souls, it does. But it is unscientific and illogical to try to explain immaterial souls by material biology. Souls leave no fossils.

Insofar as evolution explains natural processes, it does not contradict creation. Insofar as it denies supernatural divine design, it does. But then evolution goes beyond its scientific scope and becomes a theology instead of a natural science.

There can be no real contradiction, ever, between true science and true religion, because truth can never contradict truth. The same God wrote both books, nature and Scripture.