Remember when the media was full of stories about how the new translation of the missal would bring about mass confusion in the pews and usher in a “liturgical winter” for the Church? It’s largely been a nonevent, as worshipers picked up their hand missals and prayed along. Not so for “nationally recognized catechetical leader and author” Jeanne Hunt, who devotes a good chunk of her “Catholic Thoughts” column in the CT directed at fallen-away Catholics to how difficult the Mass is post-translation:

In the last year or so, the words have changed. The new Roman Missal (a new translation of the Mass prayers) was a tough change for all of us. It will be even harder for you. After all, in the past, the words were a soothing comfort to a beautiful old memory of tender sacred moments in your life and now it is so different, so strange. There is a card in the pew to help you pray with us. Jesus still breaks bread and Communion happens regardless of how we phrase it. So try to say these new words and mean them. But if it is too much, just put the card down and simply watch the power of what we do. In the end, words we say mean little. It is their meaning that brings grace.