Fr. Martin Fox, archdiocesan director of priestly formation and parochial vicar for St. Rose church, posts his Confession-themed homily on his blog, “Bonfire of the Vanities.” We got to hear him deliver it this afternoon at the 12 o’clock Mass. Here’s a snippet:

People say to me: “I can’t be forgiven for what I did,”
And my heart breaks–
because I don’t know to convince them that they’re wrong!

But the one thing I can do is to give them absolution!
In the sacrament of confession,
we don’t have to have perfect motives.
Even if you’re only a little sorry–come!

When we confess our sins,
we don’t have to grovel–just be honest.
We don’t have to fear: what is there to fear?

It might be painful–to remember and to admit.
It might be embarrassing.
As a priest, I’m embarrassed…
to tell another priest what I sinner I am.
But like you, I can go to any priest.
Like you, I can be behind the curtain, anonymous.

Fr. Fox ad-libbed an aside about the problem with being a priest-penitent and the likelihood of knowing your confessor. “So sometimes I try to find a priest I don’t know — you can too.” It brought-on more than a few chuckles among the congregants. He also assembled a post with some notes from last Tuesday’s installment of the “What Catholics Believe” catechetical series for the Year of Faith using material from the Knights of Columbus. Our next session is Tuesday, April 2, and I hope those of you nearby join us.