Since in Cincinnati “Jesuit” is often synonymous with doctrinal dissent and political leftism — not to mention liturgical goofiness — this paragraph from Catholic World News‘s backgrounder on newly elected Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., of Buenos Aires, Argentina, may offer readers some encouragement:

Although some observers at that time saw Cardinal Bergoglio as a “liberal” alternative to the “conservative” Cardinal Ratzinger, the Argentine prelate does not fit a liberal mold. He has been firm in his defense of Church teachings on controversial issues such as abortion and homosexuality, drawing the ire of political radicals in Argentina. He has distanced himself from fellow Jesuits who promoted a leftist political agenda, and shown strong sympathy for the Communion and Liberation movement in Argentina.

And the Acton Institute releases “9 Things You Should Know About Pope Francis.”

God bless Pope Francis — AMDG!