The Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati releases Archbishop Schnurr’s reaction to the election of Pope Francis to the papacy. Here’s the meaty midsection:

How do you think his being a Jesuit will color his leadership?
“He is very highly regarded and he comes from a very scholastic background. The cardinal electors don’t look at whether someone is a diocesan priest or if someone is a member of a religious order. They vote for the individual that they think is most needed by the Church today. Once again, the voting is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

“I’m sure the Jesuit community is elated, and I rejoice with them.”

What changes from the new pope would you like to see?
“I think the important thing in the Church if we’re talking about the teachings of the Church is continuity. The teachings of the Church as we have them were given to us by Christ. It is the primary role of the Holy Father to make certain that those teachings are maintained and taught faithfully.

“The Church is both human and divine. We can’t touch that which is divine. On the human side, when it comes to governance and what people are going to be in place, that can all change. Many times we hear, for example, that we wish the Holy See could be more transparent in some discussions. That’s one of those areas where certainly its possible, except for such things as the conclave…”

Does Pope Francis’ age of 76 concern you?
“Again we’re going back to Pope John Paul II who was only 58. Cardinal Ratzinger when he was elected was 78. Cardinal (Jorge) Bergoglio is right there with Pope Benedict. I think that’s probably a concern of a good number of people as far as his energy level. I don’t know what his medical history has been but people at 76 years of age can be very energetic and have many years of good service ahead of them.

“Personally, I was expecting someone a little younger, yes.”

Here is +Schnurr’s official statement.