Fr. Jason Bedel of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has a new blog, The Faceless Man, and one of his early entries is a good reflection on Ohio Senator Rob Portman’s flip-flop on same-sex marriage. Here’s the provocative, common-sensical first paragraph:

United States Senator Rob Portman from Ohio missed at least two opportunities in my estimation. He could have taught us about marriage, and he could have loved his son. The senator, upon learning that his son is gay flip-flopped his stance on gay “marriage” as a legislator. Marriage is a very real, physical thing. It is not some imaginary, made up state in which we pretend to be. The male and female bodies fit together. That’s marriage! In Christian traditions, after consent between spouses is exchanged, the marriage must be consummated by their bodies fitting together. The bolt and nut from the hardware store are in a marriage of sorts, be it one of much less importance. The electrical cord and wall outlet coupled together could be said to be in a sort of physical marriage. The bolt and bolt can never marry.

It reads like a homily, doesn’t it?

Tip, Fr. Fox, who posts his own wonderful homily from the weekend on “Learning about Poverty from Pope Francis and St. Paul.”