Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel evidently decided that the Sacred Triduum is as good a time as any for an abuse of the liturgy. Last Thursday’s Mass of The Lord’s Supper featured Barbara Fiand, notorious women’s ordination advocate and former/fired theology professor for Mount St. Mary’s of the West seminary, delivering a homily on the “oneness and inclusiveness” of the Eucharist. Or something. Here’s a sample:

There is a bit of a litmus test that I often suggest to the participants of retreats or workshops I give these days. You have probably all heard about what is often referred to as the “CRITICAL MASS” It is used to refer to the theory that when a member of a species changes behavior and others imitate this behavior eventually a critical mass (a certain number) is reached and when that happens all the members of the species change behavior.

And just a few days earlier, on Passion Sunday, Ken Overberg, S.J., offered three timely reminders:

Three final notes: first, remember that we don’t have to believe in a vengeful God who demands atonement. Jesus died by human decree not divine decree. Second, as we hear the passion stories, it is good to be cautioned again about anti-Jewish sections. Given the polemics between church andsynagogue when the gospels were written, such feelings are understandable — but certainly cannot be justified in our lives today. All forms of racism and prejudice contradict the very meaning of the gospel. Third, given the length and somber tone of the passion, if your children become talkative or restless, please take them to the narthex where you can still hear and see—and they can be who they are.