Have you seen it yet?

If not, this would be a good chance. If so, I know you liked it and would like to see it on the big screen.

My son has set up a screening for Saturday April 13 at noon at the Parkland Theater in Saylor Park.

The president of Navis Pictures, Jim Morlino, will also be giving a presentation before and after. He is a very interesting guy. A quote from why he does what he does.

The impulses to create, to perform, to tell stories, to entertain, to “play make-believe”, I think, run deep in the human soul.  When those impulses are channeled and gently directed, wonderful, magical things can happen – things like, St. Bernadette of Lourdes.  In this film, and the others we are producing, one can clearly see that most innocent and pure expression of a child’s creative spirit: channeled, directed, and offered back to the Creator Himself, Almighty God.

Seating is limited, you can reserve a seat by RSVPing me at

The cost is $6. With that you get a drink and popcorn.