Is it too much to ask that the “official newspaper for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati” not serve as the press office for local and national dissidents?

Or at least be more circumspect about what it sees fit to print?

The Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati runs a press release announcing “the inaugural lecture in the University of Cincinnati’s Catholic Studies speaker series” featuring dissenting theologian Richard Gaillardetz, whose views on, for instance, contraception and the all-male priesthood cannot be reconciled with Magisterial teaching.

The release indicates “this will be the first ‘St. Monica-St. George Lecture,’ which recognizes the generosity and support of the members of the parish in establishing the Conway Chair in Catholic Studies.” For the unfamiliar, St. Monica-St. George doubles as a Newman Center for UC’s Catholic students and a redoubt for New-Agey baby-boomers.

Gaillardetz’s lecture is curiously titled “Vatican II as an Unfinished Building Site” and is almost certainly based on his new book on the Council, which your host briefly reviewed for Amazon earlier this year here.