From the the same  Dayton Deanery Region 6 (Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception; Church of St. Helen) pastoral team (Fr. David Brinkmoeller; Fr. Satish Joseph) that loves to boast of their “vibrant liturgies” in which they bring you weekly Rock masses, Folk masses that are complete with jazz pianos, drum kits, and electric guitars, as well as homilies on the importance of “sincerity” and conviction” when opposing Church teaching also brings you this lovely scene:

If anyone knows what religion is being practiced in these pictures, please fill me in, I’d love to know.

So, if this is how they pray, just imagine what they pray. Also, I would like to note, that it says something about a parish, not only that it posts pictures on its homepage but what pictures it chooses to post. The parish had a choice; these were the photos, and the message it wanted to send. Very interesting…

Now you can see, why it sometimes seems on this side of Dayton, one has to be a member of Holy Family parish if for nothing more than out of a simple sense of necessity. So fortunately folks do have other options close-by on Sundays and Holy Days. (Thank you to Archbishop Schnurr for making that a reality!)

*UPDATE: A reader (Mobartz) reminds us of another local Dayton parish, Emmanuel Catholic Church, that also does a darn good job in both areas of worship and faithfulness.*

However, this begs a particular important question for my family as both Immaculate Conception and St. Helen Schools are the two closest Catholic schools to our home. (Ascension School is also close, but Ascension Parish is just as bad as the above pictures) I have to decide whether this is something I want to expose my children to during weekly “school liturgies” and religion class.

There is no version of Walnut Hills High School in Dayton or any elementary school equivalent, all the Dayton public schools are dumps. Homeschooling isn’t really feasible for our family, although there is the Dayton Homeschool Network, so maybe, there is an outside chance we could make it work. Kettering is close enough to our home (we live in a Kettering zip code) perhaps I could “sneak” them into the Kettering city school district (yeah, they’ll get liberal brainwashing, but at least it wouldn’t be done under the name of Catholicism and it is a suburban schools, so it isn’t terrible). Since we live in Dayton, and are eligible for EdChoice vouchers, perhaps I could just send them to the secular progressive Miami Valley School. Yeah, the kiddies will get liberal brainwashing, but at least it wouldn’t be under the banner of Catholicism, and at least the academics would be a notch above typical government schools.

Ideally I would like to send them to a Catholic school. However, why send them to Catholic school for watered-down religion and Mass? I can just send them to a government school and avoid a lot of headaches. But I ask all of you, as well as Archdiocesan Superintendent Dr. Riggs, and His Excellency Archbishop Schnurr, what should I do????? Should I just assume the photos and homilies above are aberrations? I already know, if they end up going to Catholic school, I’ll be that parent in the principal and pastor’s office raising a fit everytime they take a field trip to the local mosque for an ” interfaith” prayer session. Do I really need these kind of additional hassles in my life?

I guess what I’m getting at is, should Catholic parents jump through these hoops, and have to even consider these matters in the first place? Can we at least have more than one parish around these parts that remotely resembles Catholicism?