As previously mentioned, we are in the beginning stages of pondering next year’s educational choices for my oldest child, who turned four years old in January. Our parish does not have an elementary school. Many reached out on OTRITT with helpful suggestions and keen information, that I am very appreciative of. Ascension School, St. Albert the Great School, St. Anthony School, St. Charles Borromeo School, St. Helen School, Mary Queen of Peace School, Immaculate Conception School , St. Luke School, and Our and Lady of the Rosary School are the parochial/diocesan school choices geographically close enough to be considered; there is also the Immaculate Homeschool Enrichment and Resource Teachers (H.E.A.R.T.) Co-op; there is Dominion Academy, although not Catholic, it is a traditional Anglo-Christian school; there is Dayton Public Schools; there is the Emerson Academy, a Dayton charter school; and Kettering City Schools.

In the meantime while we mull that decision over, can anyone reccomend to us  a good catechetical book/s that is suited to be utilized with a 4-5 year old child?