In a letter to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a local Catholic is “disheartened” by Pope Francis’s decision to continue the Holy See’s investigation of women’s religious orders:

I am totally disheartened by the new Pope Francis’ decision to continue investigating Catholic nuns for working more on social justice than on promoting Church doctrine.

The nuns do the real work of Jesus. The social programs that the church takes credit for are mostly done by the nuns. The church, it seems, is more interested in controlling their members. They will never get their former members back by putting archaic rules before the work of social justice and helping the poor. It appears that they have lost their way.

I thought the new pope was bringing new hope. Maybe not.

Let’s take a look at the “real work of Jesus” being done by Cincinnati’s Sisters of Charity, the sort of religious order subject to the CDF’s investigation. A quick perusal of their website reveals a flyer advertising a visit this month by Sr. Joan Chittister, a notorious dissenter and women’s ordination advocate; a Spirituality Center page that promotes labyrinths, healing touch, and other New Age (read: pagan) practices; and a “Political and Church Systems” page that quotes feminist dissenters and rails against “the patriarchy,” i.e., the apostolic nature of the Church’s hierarchy and the all-male priesthood. But yes, it must be the Holy See that’s lost its way.