In his posted weekly homily from last Sunday, Fr. Martin Fox, parochial vicar for Cincinnati’s St. Rose church and director of the archdiocesan priestly formation office, addresses the concepts of salvation and evangelization, and concludes with some provocative questions:

Fast-forward to last week, in Boston.
Those two young men who are suspected of setting off that bomb–
who seem to have lost their way and listened to evil counsel;
I wonder if anyone told them about Jesus Christ?
What if they listened?

The amazing thing is, no one had to go around the world,
to the Caucasus Mountains, to share the hope of Christ.
Those men came here, where the vast majority are Christians;
To a city with hundreds of thousands of Catholics.
The older one, who died, looked around and said,
no one has any values anymore.

Does it matter if we share our faith?
Does it matter if our lives are convincing witnesses?
What do you think?